water droplet rippling

Mindful Draw

A therapeutic and relaxing painting tool. As you brush onto the screen, your strokes evaporate away moments later.


Guide your brush across the canvas to create pieces that will soon fade away into the background. Practice mindfulness and being present.


Choose one of the available sounds such as a gentle stream, wind chimes, and EDMR beats to play on a loop or on a timer.


Explore the different possibilities to create your environment. Get lost in your creations.


  • Brush stroke width based on your brush speed, manually set the lower/upper bounds
  • Change brush color
  • Change brush style and fading speed
  • Choose from our selection of relaxing sounds
  • Play sound on loop or use the timer setting
  • More to come...


If you have any requests, questions, or comments please contact us at info@oaklandertraining.org.